Amy C Beckinsale

    Amy was born in the March of 1982 to Elizabeth and Graham Beckinsale, who met in the Navy. She has two older brothers, Philip and Keith, who she still admires and looks up too. 


    Her first introduction into the creative world was when she joined a dance group at the age of five. Ballet and tap dance. Her Grandmother, Katherine Ridout, was a professional hoofer, entertaining troops in the forties and fifties so naturally Amy wanted step into her footsteps. Yet, Amy’s mind was easily distracted and she gave up dance to join the Girl Guide Association. (Her military parents genes kicked in!) It wasn’t until she saw her eldest brother, Phil, in a production at his Royal Air Force base that she fell in deep. That was when she knew she wanted to act. 


    During taking part in her schools production of Bugsy Malone in her final year, she began applying for Performing Arts courses at local colleges, and was accepted by Strode College. She spent three years at the college, achieving a BTEC 1st Diploma and a BTEC National Diploma. Due to having surgery in her finial year of school, she did not get the GCSE grades the college required to start the National Diploma. She even re took her GCSE English to get the grade she knew she was capable of. Yet she has always said, 

    ‘Doing that extra year paid off. If I had not have done the 1st Diploma, I would not have learnt the skills of behind the scenes’

    Yes, Amy fell in love again. Being in control of a production. Being the boss! This led to getting involved with drama groups, acting as the Manager, Deputy and Assistant Stage Manager. Helping to build sets, design lighting rigs and learn how to mix a live band. But learning this, hadn’t stopped Amy’s love of acting. 


    Leaving college with flying colours, Amy was invited to join Strode Theatre’s first touring production at the age of twenty. “THE FARM” Written by Nell Lyshon. While doing this she applied for University, but she found that university was not for her. 


    It was a few years until Amy graced the stage again, after she became a victim of deep depression and anxiety. No one knew what was going on, and to why Amy lost a significant amount of weight due to her illness. It was when she met her husband, Geraint Coll, that she realised what was happening to her. He helped her re grow, find her self again and was more patient than anyone had ever been with her. Their partnership grew on this, bringing them closer than ever. 


    From this, she found her voice again, joining Theatre groups. Including Glastonbury & Street Musical Comedy Society and Street Theatre. Making life long friends and enjoying being part of a theatre circle again. She enjoyed being back on and behind the stage once more, reminding her of why she took this path in the first place. One production in particular means the world to her. ‘ALL MY SON’S’, by the great Arthur Miller. If you ask her about it, she will talk your ear off! She even has a tattoo on her inside wrist as a tribute to the show and as a reminder that she can do anything if she just puts her mind to it. 


    Whilst taking part in shows again, Amy was working full time in retail. This is where her writing journey began. Bored and feeling like she was letting her creative mind down, she and friends spoke one day about their futures. Her close friend, Ami, happened to mention to her. 

    “I can see you writing a screenplay one day”

    Amy’s reaction was priceless. 

    “Yeah, ok!” 

    Yet that same day, Amy was working till late, on her own. She opened the notes on her phone and began to type, not knowing she was about to walk a new path. With support from those friends, she found she had written a quarter of the first book. On her phone! It was laptop time. 


    Now, years later, she has written her first book, ‘ONE NIGHT FOREVER’ which was edited by Liam J Cross, of LiamJCross Writing & Editing and published by RhetAskew Publishing.   


    Amy is also the joint owner of the Production Company, ‘KEYLIGHTCAKE PRODUCTIONS’, with fellow actor Shalana Serafina and has indeed written her first screenplay. ‘THE AUDITION’. Instead of performing in the short, Amy took a step away from the limelight and is directing the film. She now enjoys every second of creating the magic rather than portraying it. You can find more information about this on their website and social media sites. When completed, they aim to submit the film to festivals and are already planning their next adventure. 


    Apart from writing and creating new ideas, Amy loves singing, caring for her family, comic conventions and a good old themed party! She loves the style of the fifties and has a dangerous fetish with Armani!


    “Never let anyone tell you you can’t do anything. Believe in your own abilities and follow your dreams. Dreams and ambitions drive us to where we want to be. You wouldn’t be imaging it if it weren’t meant to be” 

    Amy-Catherine Beckinsale

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