What would you say if we told you Amy C Beckinsale began writing her debut novel, One Night Forever (Originally named ‘Book’) on her phone?

Well, that is exactly how her writing career began.

After a discussion with friends about their futures, in the they shop worked in, her friend mentioned that she could see Amy writing a screenplay one day. Thinking nothing of it, Amy carried on her day, only to find herself randomly typing about how the day was dragging on her phone and how she had found herself in a career she really didn’t want to be in.

Low and behold, she had the opening sequence of One Night Forever.

Finding that she had stumbled upon something special, she began exploring, developing and building a world that had been stuck inside of her. Creating the story and characters that she now couldn’t not live without. A third of the novel (the very first drafts) are still on her phone to this very day!

ONE NIGHT FOREVER is the debut novel of what is actually a trilogy and Amy can not wait to share it with the world for all to enjoy.

Amy also has a love for acting, enjoys movies and has an extreme addiction to Armani and Adam Ant!

Lots of love...

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