2020....Onward and upward!

Admit it, Christmas dinner warmed up the next day is the best thing since sliced bread, and that is exactly what I have just devoured for my Boxing Day dinner. Cranberry and bread sauce included! Now that I've told you what I've eaten...Let's get down to business...

Here we are, The Beckinsale's and The Coll's, enjoying the festive day together. Geraint (HubbyG) and I moved into our new home this April, so we insisted everyone come to help us Christen the house. It was busy, a tight squeeze, with fourteen of us , a ridiculous amount of alcohol, and we wouldn't have changed it for anything. I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas, and 2020 brings you all of your dreams.


MY ARC IS OUT! Yes, the advanced review copies have been sent out to my 80+ volunteers to

enjoy and post a review on Amazon when the novel is loaded for pre order. If I'm being honest? I am experiencing a mixture of excitement with a big dollop of nerves as a side dish.

And as fabulous as those kind beings are, I have already received messages from fellow RhetAskew authors, friends and family stating how they began reading it Christmas Eve and are enjoying it so far. It really does mean the world to read those messages, so thank you.

If anyone should like to kindly read and review before the official launch, please contact me stating your email, and I can make that happen.

Talking of RhetAskew Publishing, I would like to forward you the opportunity to check out their other authors and support them by checking out their work.




2020....What does it have in store?

Well, for Amy, it includes an exciting cover reveal. One Night Forever officially being launched into the world. Working on ONF Mk2; the sequel to my debut novel. A second publication, working with my fellow RA authors, which involves my season novel; A Christmas Miracle.

Thomas Anthony Lay and I working on something exciting, which of course I simply cannot tell you about quite yet! (I'm sorry, not sorry!)

Hubby G and I would love to go abroad. We have been thinking about Canada, but I tell you what, why don't you tell us why we should visit where you're from and you never know, we may turn up in your town? We've also been looking into starting our own business.

We're not making too many plans, but to have a pencil drawn outline of the important sectors never hurts and if we don't plan for the near future, then we can begin to look into the far future. One step at a time.


Once again, I wish you all a fabulous New Year. Keep an eye out for updates of the official launch of One Night Forever and keep in touch via my social media sites. (Click my face to go directly to my Twitter page)

Much love,


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