"A Christmas Miracle"

I have been working on something for you. Aren't I good to you? Think of it as an early Christmas present, if I get it finished in time before the big day!

"A CHRISTMAS MIRCLE" features characters by the name of Ruby Musgrave, her sister Violet and "ONE NIGHT FORVER'S" very own, Owen Turner.

It's Christmas Eve. Ruby has finished work for the year and is running though Oxford Street to get to the world famous Selfridges to pick up the necklace her sister has been talking about since August before they close. After purchasing the necklace, she makes her way to Waterloo Station to catch the train back to the family home. When she arrives, her train is delayed. Annoyed she turns and runs right into our charming Owen, soaking his suit in coffee!

The story is not set in modern times, and our main characters are in their early twenties, where in ONE NIGHT FOREVER, Owen is in his mid thirties. Naturally I don't want to go into too much detail, as A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE is a short story, and I must state, there are NO spoilers for ONE NIGHT FOREVER. However, if you want that Christmassy feeling? Then head back here and keep a look out for updates and the story itself.

Will Ruby get back to her home town in time for see Christmas in with her little sister? Or will she be stuck in the city with Owen?

You'll have to read it to find out.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Love ACB Xx


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