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Greetings my beloved readers and fellow writers!

On this fine day, I bring you exciting news that not only makes me want to explode with happiness, it makes my fellow film makers want to begin attacking the footage of The Audition and prepare it for your viewing!

Yes, editing is about to begin on KeyLightCake Production's 'THE AUDITION'; the film shot last year. After re watching the footage, I felt in love with my actors all over again, and I cannot wait for out editor, Chris, to get his talented hands on it.

We hope to get it out for your enjoyment as soon as possible but as you can imagine there are other aspects of life that have taken priority for those involved. Bare with us though, you will soon be rewarded for your patience. Thank you from everyone at KEYLIGHTCAKE PRODUCTIONS


Yes, you read that right. I am currently working on the sequel to One Night Forever and not just for the enjoyment of actually writing it....... Oh no! I'm fearing I may experience a riot outside my front door from readers who have already demanded the second book after they finished the first instalment. If you haven't downloaded or bought the paperback yet, head to http://mybook.to/onenightforever and you'll soon understand why your Amy is working her socks off to get the next one to my editor!

(Working Book Cover)


It's always a pleasure to support other talented authors and I'm thrilled to introduce you to four writers whom have work you need to check out. Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for your first author? Yeah, I thought you were...


GWYN LYON - 'Beauty's Beast' An Erotic Fairy Tale

When Beauty makes a bargain to save her father from a curse, she finds herself drawn into the world of the Beast -- a magical palace filled with wonders. She spends her days in luxury and her nights fulfilling the Beast’s hedonistic desires. As she discovers her own masochistic pleasure and they grow close, Beauty begins to see past the dark curse of the Beast -- but will it claim her before she can claim him?

Click the book to be sent directly to Amazon to pick up your copy of 'BEAUTY'S BEAST'



SHEYANNE WARREN - 'Shifter, Killer and Jelena'

A Paranormal romantic crime thriller

Have you ever met a shifter? Jelena Cohert has. She is on the Special Investigations Division (SID) and has had her fair share of wolves, tigers and bears disguised as men and women. Jelena gets cleared from medical leave. Frustrated about her last case she is ready to get back to work. Her boss gives her a SID case and she is on the hunt for a shifter. She is paired with an old ally and gets involved with the shifter's family in more ways than strictly professional. Jordan Romano is the CEO of ONAMOR tech company and the CEO of his pack. When a young lady turns up dead on his property, he uses his brother's law enforcement connections to get on the team to catch who put her there. He's young and is not looking for love. Or is he? Jordan finds himself and his family woven into the murder and he doesn't like. He hasn't been Alpha for long and is doubting whether he's doing what's best.

Click the book to be sent directly to Amazon to pick up the squeal and why not Sheyanne Warren's copy of 'Serial Killer, Con Artist and Jelena'



S. R. MARTIN - 'Neighbourly Obsession'

A tale of an erotic drug hazed obsession

A tale of a troubled young woman who never knew love or what it's like to be with a man who loves and respect her. Substance abuse and befriending the wrong people was the only way she knew how to cope with the pressures of coping with an adoptive mother who treated her like an investment as opposed to showing her the compassion that a mother should. Her life took a turn when a crush turned into an obsession.



BEN ROSE, yours truly and 20 other authors! - 'ASKEW EVER AFTER'

A Limited Edition Contemporary Romance Collection Kindle Edition

Escape with these 20+ stories about love, life, and happy ever afters. 

This is a limited edition collection of contemporary romance, including romance of all kinds with one thing in common—all your new favourite characters will get their happy ever after.

Inside these pages you will find rockstars who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it, small town romances where the community is as important to the story as the love itself, unlikely attractions taking rivals to trusted lovers, LGBTQ+ romances, forbidden love where the characters must overcome challenges brought on by outside forces in order to be together, and of course romantic suspense.

Dive into Askew Ever After to find your new favourite romance reads.

If you love to see characters fall—and stay—in love, then this is the collection for you. Pre-order now before this limited edition contemporary romance collection rides off into the sunset.

Click the book to be sent directly to Amazon to pre order and available on iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

I'm going to finish this instalment of 'BECKINSALE'S NEWS' by thanking my readers who have taken the time to read and review 'ONE NIGHT FOREVER'. Reviews mean the absolute world to authors. Hearing your thoughts not only tell us we're doing something right, we learn where we may need to improve and they give us a lift when we have days when we sit at out computers and nothing happens.....Writers Block.

So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

And remember. When you read s book, please tale a couple of minutes to leave those reviews.

Much love to you all.



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