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Do you know what really annoys me? The fact that I had written a great blog post, then as I was picking an image to go with it, it deleted! #WritersWorstFear!

So, here I go again...on my own, walking down the only road I've ever known....Yeah, ok, sorry sorry. When the 80s gets going? Am I right?

ONE NIGHT FORVER, VOLUME 1...What I can update you on. To start with (again), the book flew through RhetAskew's editing software and came out with flying colours, which you can imagine I was ecstatic about. (Thank you Liam)

I made the decision to leave the text in UK English as I hope it will ooze "British Charm" to anyone reading it from different countries. Also, I'm British, so yeah! London, Somerset, Surrey, mainly the south of the UK. From farmers in the West Country to Cockneys in the South East of London!

Currently right now, I am in discussions with Dusty, (RA Graphic designer) regarding the book cover. I am awaiting a few concept ideas, including font and images. I can't wait to see what Dusty comes up with and sharing the final product with you. These images will be available to view via RhetAskew's social media pages and of course mine too.

If you do follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you may have come across one or two posts regarding an "ARC".

What is an ARC I hear you cry?

ARC is short for "ADVANCED READERS COPY" and are available to volunteers who are happy read the book and leave a review on the day the book officially launches on Amazon and other platforms. (GoodReads, BookBub, etc...)

Copies are sent directly to you via email from the publisher and are sent 90 days prior to the launch. If you wish to volunteer, please message me directly with your email address and I will forward to RhetAskew to add you to the ever growing list of readers/reviewers. Spaces are thinning as we near the announcement of the launch date, so don't miss out on the opportunity to be one of the first to read ONE NIGHT FOREVER.

And for the last section of this blog post....ONF VOLUME 2! Yes, No 2!

The second book in the series was written around 3/4 years ago, along with the No 3. You see, when I get going I don't tend to stop. So when I finished the first book, I soon found I had a trilogy on my MacBook!

Even though No2 is written it doesn't mean I am not tearing it apart. Editing, removing, rewriting, changing scenes and changing the colour of chapters to know I need to go back and re edit!

I really hope that by spring next year, I will have a finished copy to send to my editor so he can work his magic once again. Of course, you'll have to wait a while to get your hand on the second book!

And that's it! That is my update for now.

Do keep an eye on my social media sites for updates as to when the launch of ONENIGHTFOREVER will be and for the COVER REVEAL! I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think.

Lots of Love, ACB Xx

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