The countdown has BEGUN!

Updated: Feb 21

Ladies and Gents...

The Pre-order date has come....And I am a few weeks late shouting about it! Thank you to all who have already secured their copies, I am extremely grateful. Which also means the official launch is closing in on us.

MAY 4th!

Star Wars DAY!

Available via

In other news, your Amy has joined a group of talented writers to bring you a collaboration of Romance Novellas, under the name of "Askew ever after"

20+ stories about love, life, and happy every after for your enjoyment are available to preorder via, which will include yours truly.

Launching December 21st, the perfect Christmas Present for you to snuggle up with a hot coco and enjoy some heart warming stories.

Find out more information about Askew here

If you follow my Social sites you may have noticed a post about a certain Christmas Story I promised you all last year. Firstly, I'm sorry that I did not finish it in time, but rest assured I will be throwing myself into it soon. I've been busy (naturally) with the One Night Forever launch.

The reasons for the update is that I have changed the name slightly. Like, really slightly!

You will notice it was once a name “A” Christmas Miracle, yet it is now “THE”...... This is mainly really due to the fact, that when I was editing my website (, the “A” looked lost! I’m sure I’m not the only author who’s changed the name just because the picture looked better?! 🤣

Thank you again for stopping by, and showing me that you care.

You know where to find me, should you wish to chat.

Love & Hugs

ACBecks Xx

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