The day arrived!

Yesterday, yes, Star Wars day. May the 4th brought a treat for many patient readers.

ONE NIGHT FOREVER, my debut novel dropped into many kindle devices. A moment that once felt like a lifetime away. A moment I never thought would happen. But it has! And OMG does it feel.....weird. Yeah, I said weird. I say that because it's now out there. My babies, my characters are free to roam the world, and there is nothing I can do about it now. Well, technically I can. I have the next two books to work on, but that's beside the point. They are in the hands of my beloved readers, and I hope they are treating you well. I am excited, obviously, ecstatic actually. It has been a rollercoaster of emotion, and I'm not just talking about yesterday. Years of ups and downs, tears, writers block, smiles, laughter and a lot of 'What in the hell am I doing?'

Washing what I can only imagine is YEARS of dust!

I'm pretty sure I spent my entire day attached to my phone and my MacBook, reading messages of congratulations from readers/fellow authors/friends/family. (Including pictures from Mum on WhatsApp of my baby clothes! Parents are using their lockdown to clean out the loft). And let us not forget to mention that hubby and I destroyed a lot of alcohol! To those who dropped gifts and cards by our front door, rang the bell and ran off to adhere to the social distancing rules, thank you. Means the world.

It was also lovely to get messages from the old Saltrock crew, who were there at the very beginning. If you read the "About" section on the webpage, you'll learn why they are so important to me. The inspiration for the opened paragraph.


Yes, we all really felt like that, nearly everyday. But with great company, a kickass playlist, plenty of cups of tea and Burns The Bread's Iced Buns we made it through. It took hard work, but I think I can happily say that we are all where we are mean to be now. Well done guys, I love you all Xx

I'm sorry I couldn't get you all in. Just remember that I'm thankful to you all.

And I miss you too Xx

Ok, enough soppy talk, I needed to get that out....Where was I? Oh yes...

On a more serious note, I have been made that orders of the paperback have not yet arrived. Do not worry, we have't scammed you. It's simply the fact that deliveries are slightly delayed due to the Pandemic. They are on their way, I promise. This is a time where we need to support one another, and be thankful that the key workers are keeping nations running. Thank you KW's.

When you do receive your paperback copy and to those who have their digital download, it would mean the world to me of you could nip onto Amazon -> and leave me a review of what you thought of the book. Reviews are really important to authors. They tell us wether we are doing a good job, or where we could improve on, should we need too. Other places you can leave feedback are -> BOOKBUB and GOODREADS They are both a great place to discover authors and maybe your next book to read.

Before any of you nag me, yes I am working on the next book in the saga. I have written the first draft of ONF2, and am currently combing through it, pulling out the best bits, dumping the unnecessary and quite frankly, making a heck of a mess. But it's a mess I understand. I hope to send it to my editor by the end of the summer (if not sooner), then on to RhetAskew Publishing. Who I hope will enjoy it as much as you will too.

Thank you once again for stopping by to read me ranting on. If you want to see sneak peaks of the book, head over to my INSTAGRAM page,

There is a new one of their today. A conversation between Aidan and Patrick. I love Patrick, he's such a cutie pie.

Lots of love to you all, and I will see you soon.



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